ROI(ή) Operations.
The consultancy for social good.

We believe that we have the power to help our clients change the world. By bringing together people with a true understanding of consulting for social good and applying our decades of combined knowledge, we are able to solve even the most complex problems your purpose-driven organisation may face.

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Decades of advisory experience for public and third sector.


Forging lasting and meaningful relationships.


Taking positive steps towards making our world a better place.


Our relentless focus for delivering social good drives everything we do.


We tell the truth and hold ourselves accountable, always.

Our story

Born in Cyprus
based in London

Our founder Christos Pishias has always done things differently. Super-commuting between his island home in coastal Cyprus where he lives with his wife and children and ROI(ή) HQ in buzzing central London, he has dedicated the past 20 years of his life to helping social good organisations do better. Working primarily with teams in health, education, charity and local government, Christos brings a bold but evidence-based approach to consultancy for social good and can confidently help solve even the most complex problems faced by purpose-driven organisations.

Since establishing ROI(ή) in 2005, he has expanded the agency to offer a full suite of consultancy services and grown a team of carefully selected experts in specialist consultancy areas. Christos lives and breathes the sector and is driven by a core belief in the importance of helping others.

ROI Operations Director and CEO


Know your community

We ‘get’ the public and third sector. We can help you better understand your community and how to solve the complex issues they face through tailored analytics and insight services.


Making a difference

We bring together analytical capabilities and subject matter expertise to help clients define, implement and deliver change in their organisations and to the people they support.


Ideas for
social good

We collect ideas, we generate ideas, we challenge ideas. And we believe that, with the right knowledge, resource and talent in place, ideas can change the world.

Our clients

We work with organisations to improve the lives of millions

ROI(ή) Operations Team

Helping our clients
make a difference

Our associates are experts in their respective fields. No matter the challenge,
we have the right team member to help your organisation achieve its objectives.

Christos Pishias

CEO & founder

A true leader in social good, Christos is an influential and energetic project manager. Super-commuting between his island home in Cyprus and business headquarters in London, Christos has always done things a little differently.

Robyn Friend

Project support manager

Robyn completed her Motion Picture Production Design studies in Cape Town. She lived and worked in Zimbabwe for over 10 years, where she gained valuable experience in sales, marketing, hospitality and teaching.
Amy Lloyd-Houldey - Profile

Amy Lloyd-Houldey

Communications & engagement expert

Amy is a people person. She understands them, knows how to engage with any audience and is a communications wiz to boot. Her insight comes from years of experience working in public sector communications and a background in psychology.

Ravi Ramlakhan

Project manager/Senior consultant

The ultimate analytical thinker, Ravi has worked on some complex international projects. A highlight of his career was leading project management efforts at the London Olympics.
Lee Tobin Marketing Expert

Lee Tobin

Marketing expert

Lee is a professional storyteller. She uses a storybook approach to emotively communicate your organisation’s core messages to your target audience. She especially loves social media and believes that comms should always be bold.

Mackenzie Patterson

Content Lead

Mackenzie is a communications professional and freelance writer who’s always on the hunt for a good story. She loves telling stories about interesting people, sharing bold ideas and getting lost in a great novel. Mackenzie studied journalism in Toronto, Canada, and is now based in the U.K. 

Carolene Méli Experience Strategist

Carolene Méli

Experience Strategist

Carolene is an Experience Strategist hailing from 10 years on tour with Cirque du Soleil where she led VIP guest experiences in 17 different countries. Her strategies in experience design are inspired by the live event industry and her love of linguistics.

Andreas Damalis

Business consultant

Andreas is an expert in corporate structuring and restructuring and maximising resources. This means he really gets businesses and knows how to make yours more efficient.