Company history

ROI (ή) was established by Christos Pishias in 2005. Since then, it has grown from a small one-man consultancy to a network of industry experts serving clients internationally. We have always endeavored to bring value to our clients and are known for taking innovative steps to achieve that. The past 11 years of operation have been quite a journey and we have gained definitive & concrete experience, which makes us what we are today. Here are some of the most memorable milestones in ROI (ή) ‘s history:

  • 2005

    Commences Operation

    ROI (ή) begins operation with a grand total of 1 employee

  • 2007

    Receives Recognition

    ROI (ή) receives its first major recognition from the UK Minister of Health for its work on the «Human Rights in Healthcare» project

  • 2012

    Expands it's Services

    ROI (ή) operates across all government sectors – from local government to the national health service and charities. Our consultancy now has 7 employees and associates

  • 2016

    Becomes an Expert

    ROI (ή) is seen as an expert in helping government organisations commercialise their services. We are now the COO for a major marketing agency owned by a local authority and a strategic advisor to another one about to launch a law agency