From Cyprus to London and back: 5 thoughts on making hyper-commuting work

Living in the Mediterranean, working in London. For some a dream come true, for others, hours of commuting torture. 10,000 miles flying every month, 10 days a year on Easyjet’s seats. Is hyper-commuting workable? Based on almost a decade’s experience of living and working in different countries, below are 5 thoughts on making hyper-commuting work:

  1. Family quality time is critical: I spend half the year away from my wife and four boys. When at home, I am there for the school drop, night-time routine, football games. I am there to give my wife a few hours of time for her, her work and give us time together. There is always a demand for more work days. Keeping however the right balance is critical.
  2. You need to enjoy what you do: may be stating the obvious, but hyper-commuting can only work if you genuinely like what you do. It has to be financially sustainable and worth in its impact the hours of flying and evenings away from your closest ones.
  3. Clients need a seamless service: Through remote working technology and a great team that can deliver client facing activities when away, it is possible to provide this. It takes time, it takes planning but it is definitely feasible.
  4. You need a supportive partner, and you need to be a supportive partner: and you need to be a supportive partner: That question – “why is dad away again?” in my case gets a brilliant answer from my partner: “because he needs to work for us and through his work, tries to do good for others”. From the commuter’s perspective, time home can’t be “time off”. It’s got to be “time with” and “time for”. Supporting each other has probably been for me the single most important factor in reaching a work/life balance that works for all.
  5. It doesn’t always go to plan: Even the most well-planned trips can go wrong. Volcanoes, drones, strikes and airport traffic can get in the way of getting to work or home on time. In times like this, a cool head, a supporting family and a great team at work make all the difference.

So, with a bit of luck, a lot of effort and a great team at home and at work, everything is possible!