Executive Search - Roi operations

Executive Search

Our Executive Search team works with our clients’ leadership teams to identify, assess and propose the right candidates for executive positions. We work in partnership with our clients, immerse ourselves in their environment to understand their culture and practices and use the most effective solutions in candidate assessment to ensure proposed resources meet our clients‘ requirements.

Why chose us?

  • We understand our Clients – before starting the search process, our people spend time at clients’ offices to better understand their culture and characteristics
  • We are driven by evidence – we look into the characteristics that are needed to succeed in a role and through a combination of psychometric and other tests, rigorously assess candidates to ensure suitability
  • We operate internationally – making the most of our international management consulting experience, we seek candidates from a variety of geographies providing clients with access to global talent.

Our services

  • Creation of recruitment packs
  • Definition & execution of recruitment campaigns
  • Executive search
  • Candidate assessment (incl. online psychometric testing)
  • Shortlisting process