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Project Management Reviews for the Third & Public Sector

Could your team’s project or programme management capability do with a boost? Embarking on a major new project or just finishing one? Our Project Management Review service will help you ensure all future projects or programmes run on time, in budget and within the scope agreed on. Think of it as a ‘health check’ for experienced project management teams.

Our project management review service is completely bespoke and will address the issues you, as a team or organisation, face – and equip you with the tools required to not just overcome them, but to thrive. Typically, we offer a comprehensive one-week review, followed by a one-day training session, designed to transform the way your team manages and executes projects.

The Review

  • One-week on-site analysis
  • Up to 10 interviews with key stakeholders
  • 1-day project management training session based on review findings
  • Customised project/programme management templates & improved processes provided

  • Methods to make your team’s resource more cost-effective explained
  • Bespoke to your needs & budget
  • Optional: participation in project boards
  • Optional: quality assurance/peer review of key projects

We use a pragmatic, commonsense & solutions-based approach. No complex language or awful acronyms. Instead, an emphasis on developing your best resource - your people.

“We’re overworked and overstretched!”

We can help you implement better planning & improve employee morale.

“Our projects are running significantly over-budget!”

Improved client management & communication, from the project’s inception.

“We don’t understand how what we do fits into the purpose of the organisation.”

Development of a coherent programme bringing projects together in a way employees understand & linking to the overall organisational objectives.

Client testament

“ROI (ή), through its project management review, allowed us to identify areas for improvement, develop easy to use project management templates and further focus on areas of strength. Christos alongside his co-trainers Amy and Mark were also great at making project management relevant and interesting to our work, and in doing so, helping us engage colleagues with improvement work across the organisation” Scottish Director, Social Research Unit, Dartington Service Design Lab.

Meet the director

Christos Pishias is a senior executive with 18 years’ experience leading operations and transformation in both the public and private sector, internationally. He gets that good ideas don’t always translate into practice. He also gets that if this happens, there is usually a good reason for it. Christos and his team will identify those reasons for you – and give your team the tools required to solve them!

Christos has worked with the London Borough of Southwark, the University of Warwick, NHS modernisation agency, Birmingham City Council, Customer Services for London Group (CSLG), NHS Wales, Corporativo Hospital Sociedad (Mexico), Surrey & Borders partnership NHS trust and the Department of Health and many others. His passion is social good.

Christos lives by the mantra: “We rise by lifting others.”

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If you’ve got some big projects on the horizon or simply want to make the best use of your resources in 2020, it’s the perfect time to take advantage of ROI (ή)’s decades of experience working with the public and third sector.