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Project Management for Social Good - Virtual Training Session

Join public and third sector consultants ROI (ή) for a comprehensive and highly interactive training session designed to transform your team’s approach to project management. The session is tailored specifically for those working in the realm of ‘social good’. It will help teams ensure all future projects or programmes run on time, in budget and within scope. Plus, it’s good fun! 

From our experience, many working in the realm of social good don’t equate what they do with ‘selling’ or ‘sales’. Moreover, these terms are often considered rather dirty ones in our sector’s dictionary (they shouldn’t be’). As a result, many public and third sector workers, from execs and CEOs to Account and Project Managers, are failing to consciously develop a skillset which is crucial to their work.

In this comprehensive one-day training session presented by global trainers Miradorus and public/third sector project and change management consultancy ROI(ή) Operations, participants will come to understand the highly relevant concept of ‘consultative selling’ (that is, selling services, many of which are intangible and thereby trickier to tackle) and how to practically apply it to their everyday.

The training

  • Understand the ‘fundamentals’ of good project management in a relevant, jargon-free way
  • Bring theory on project management to life with current real-life examples of project delivery in the UK public sector
  • Use simple and easy-to-understand project management templates to manage projects
  • Explore how to optimise project teams through effective project communications

Common Project Management Pain Points Addressed

Pain point 1: “We work so hard but we are always over budget and struggle with timescales. Our clients just aren’t as happy as we’d like them to be!”

Pain point 2:  “Prince2, PMI, Agile – so confused! We need a simple, effective way to manage projects suitable for our organisation and our people.”

Pain point 3: “I love managing projects but I am not big on bureaucracy. How can I marry structure with relationships to deliver projects successfully?”

Customised to suit you

The session can be customised to meet the bespoke needs of each team and organisation.

The ‘dream team’ - Miradorus x ROI (ή)

London-based Miradorus is an industry-leading provider of company development services from team development to sales training, customer service training and leadership courses. Miradorus has helped teams across the globe – from Hong Kong to Canada – find solutions to drive them towards sales excellence.

About ROI Operations

Since 2005, ROI (ή) has served public sector clients in the UK and internationally with project management, change management, turnaround and commercialisation services. Some of ROI (ή)’s clients have included: Westco Communications and Westminster City Council, the Department of Health, the Dartington Service Design Lab and the London borough of Southwark.

Meet your trainers

Christos Pishias (ROI (ή)) is a senior executive with 18 years’ experience leading operations and transformation in the public and third sector in the UK and abroad. His experience includes public services commercialisation, project management of innovation projects in healthcare and the development of sales and account management capabilities for public sector-owned commercial ventures.

Jenny (Miradorus) is an accomplished Business Development Professional, with over 20 years of training and consulting experience. She has helped clients ranging from SMEs to large global Fortune 500 firms to deliver business transformational change

Expert speaker Mark has extensive experience leading and delivering projects for the UK civil service and uses real-life anecdotes to bring the training alive.

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If you’ve got some big projects on the horizon or simply want to make the best use of your resources in 2020, it’s the perfect time to take advantage of ROI (ή)’s decades of experience working with the public and third sector.