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Selling Social Good – Training Session

If you hold a senior or strategic role in a third, public sector or “social good” focused organisation, sales is a core part of what you do. Even if many do not think so. That’s why we created this training session, tailored specifically to those in the industry for “social good”.

From our experience, many working in the realm of social good don’t equate what they do with ‘selling’ or ‘sales’. Moreover, these terms are often considered rather dirty ones in our sector’s dictionary (they shouldn’t be’). As a result, many public and third sector workers, from execs and CEOs to Account and Project Managers, are failing to consciously develop a skillset which is crucial to their work.

In this comprehensive one-day training session presented by global trainers Miradorus and public/third sector project and change management consultancy ROI(ή) Operations, participants will come to understand the highly relevant concept of ‘consultative selling’ (that is, selling services, many of which are intangible and thereby trickier to tackle) and how to practically apply it to their everyday.

Through a variety of engaging, hands-on activities, participants will deepen their know-how of:

  • Account management and sales skills, as they specifically apply to organisations “for social good” (e.g. charities, public and third sector organisations and their subsidiaries, companies with a strong social value focus, etc.)
  • Tools and techniques that will help your clients to see you not simply as a supplier, but as a ‘trusted advisor’ (the ultimate goal of all successful salespeople)
  • The art of really listening to your customer/client and understanding their evolving needs
  • How to communicate the value of your products and services in a way that truly addresses what your customer requires.

Who would benefit from this training session?

Anybody responsible for building and managing relationships with clients in the industry for “social good”- this includes:

  • Senior client directors and CEOs of “social good” startups, third sector organisations and public sector organisations
  • Account managers
  • Project managers and project directors/executives
  • Communications managers/directors
  • Anyone working in the public or third sector involved in the ‘selling’ of services, either internally or externally
  • Anyone who has ever thought to themselves, ‘how on earth am I supposed to sell that? I’m not a salesperson!

Sales in the public, third & social good sectors – why?

The past few years have seen a significant increase in organisations for “social good” – such as social enterprises, mutuals, public sector subsidiaries and health and social care start-ups – receiving innovation funding and others.

The UK heathtech sector – which employs more than 121,000 people across 3,500 companies – has enjoyed a growth of around 5% in recent years due to the thriving community of digital startups (source:, July 2019), for instance. Meanwhile, social care startups – such as Lifted and Cera – are raising billions of pounds to fund innovation projects such as one app deemed ‘the uber of social care’. Then, there are staggering stats from Social Enterprises UK, which indicate that the social enterprise sector accounts for 3% of the country’s gross domestic product – three times larger than agriculture and as important as creative services for the UK’s economy! We could go on…

Being able to build trusting relationships with customers, philanthropic capital funders, institutional funders and delivery partners is as critical for these organisations as it is for those in the private sector. In fact, it’s even more so, considering the complex stakeholder environment they operate in.

In recognising the criticality of sales and business development skills for those working in the “social good” industry and the current lack of these skills, we are offering this new course – a partnership between training providers Miradorus and ROI(ή), a management consultancy operating in this sector.

Customised to suit you

The session can be customised to meet the bespoke needs of each team and organisation.

The ‘dream team’ - Miradorus x ROI (ή)

Recognising the increasing importance of ‘selling’ in the public and third sectors and the gap in training programmes available to specifically address this area, ROI (ή) director Christos Pishias decided to seek out the best sales trainer in the business. He found Jenny, founder of Miradorus training, and the dream team was formed!

About Miradorus

London-based Miradorus is an industry-leading provider of company development services from team development to sales training, customer service training and leadership courses. Miradorus has helped teams across the globe – from Hong Kong to Canada – find solutions to drive them towards sales excellence.

About ROI Operations

Since 2005, ROI (ή) has served public sector clients in the UK and internationally with project management, change management, turnaround and commercialisation services. Some of ROI (ή)’s clients have included: Westco Communications and Westminster City Council, the Department of Health, the Dartington Service Design Lab and the London borough of Southwark.

Meet your trainers

Jenny (Miradorus) is an accomplished Business Development Professional, with over 20 years of training and consulting experience. She has helped clients ranging from SMEs to large global Fortune 500 firms to deliver business transformational change

Christos Pishias (ROI (ή)) is a senior executive with 18 years’ experience leading operations and transformation in the public and third sector in the UK and abroad. His experience includes public services commercialisation, project management of innovation projects in healthcare and the development of sales and account management capabilities for public sector-owned commercial ventures.

Testimonials - praise for the Selling Social Good training sessio

“The course highlighted a lot of common mistakes we can make when approaching a customer meeting and offered effective exercises to help us avoid these mistakes and improve our general communication skills.”

Participants, Westco


Participants, Westco

“One of the best training sessions I’ve been on.”

Participants, Westco

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