Whitepaper Why social good teams need project management

The ‘process paradox’ in the third and public sector

“We don’t do process!” That’s a phrase we have often come across, particularly when conducting our project management review service or delivering projects for creative, third and public sector organisations. This ‘process paradox’, as we will refer to it in this paper, is just that – a paradox, in that it’s simply not possible to execute a project or programme – well, without (the right) processes in place. In actuality, process is at the core of all good project execution and is even more crucial when teams are managing projects that directly influence the lives of so many people, as social good organisations do. In this white paper, we explore the resistance to structured PM in the likes of charities and local authorities and offer practical ideas on how to overcome this challenge.

Topics covered

Sixteen pages penned by ROI’s expert project management team covering:

  • What is the project paradox and why does it affect social good organisations?
  • Why public sector, third sector and social good organisations need structured project management (even if they think they don’t!)
  • A breakdown of the most popular project management methodologies
  • A specific look at project management for social good teams and organisations
  • The solution: a customisable PM approach
  • Best practice tips
  • A national case study
  • More!