Lee TobinMarketing Specialist

Lee Rachel Tobin
areas of expertise
  • Digital Marketing
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Cross-channel content creation
  • Public Relations
  • Communication/Branding Consultancy

Lee is a marketing and communications professional with extensive experience working for both public and private sector clients in the UK, Europe, Russia and Australia. Creating meaningful content that resonates with even the hardest to reach audiences is where her core passion lies – and one that stems from her training (BA Communication – Journalism) and background in journalism. Following a stint working in a newsroom for one of Australia’s biggest media organisations, Lee relocated to the UK where she began to use her storytelling skills to help positively promote clients ranging from London local authorities to national law firms. Today, she hyper-commutes between Italy, England and Australia, assisting clients market themselves to the new, social-savvy generation. Her key skills include: digital marketing and social media strategy, cross-channel content creation, public relations and wider communications/branding consultancy. Lee’s international background and interesting set of professional experiences makes her a flexible, dynamic and energetic marketer who is always keen for a challenge.

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