These are the purpose-driven companies we expect to do great things in 2023

The past few years have been chaotic and turbulent.

Among the hardships, however, there has been an unexpected upside.

Creativity has boomed and more purpose-driven startups are launching than ever before. Likewise, established organisations are realising the importance of making a positive impact.

‘Purpose-driven’ is the new buzzword. There are countless entrepreneurs and innovative businesses envisioning a better world. We love this forward-thinking energy and are excited to see what 2023 has in store. This is THE year!

So far, these are some of the organisations for social good that have caught our eye. From established charities to startups, there is loads happening.

Bloom Impact - Australia’s first climate impact investing app

The Bloom app allows everyday people to invest in sustainable projects such as solar farms or green infrastructure.

It’s known as ‘impact investing’.

Bloom hand select scientifically-proven climate solutions. These include initiatives in electricity; food, agricultural and land use; industry & buildings; and transport.

In short, they do the hard work for you. Through your investments, you’ll make a positive climate impact.

“We’ve created a diversified and liquid portfolio to allow all Australians to invest in the clean energy transition and benefit from it,” claims CEO Camille Socquet-Clerc.

The fintech startup has just raised $525,000 in seed funding, led by Up co-founder Dominic Pym and Envato founders Collis and Cyan Ta’eed. The additional funding will be used to scale the business and improve its business development capacity.

It’s one to watch in 2023!

This is what the app looks like!

Bloom Impact - Australia’s first climate impact investing app

This year marks 60 years of the Lab! Established in 1963 at King’s College, Cambridge, the Lab has worked tirelessly for decades to improve outcomes for children and young people.

2023 will be another huge year for Dartington.

First up, it will partner with leading children’s cancer charities, Young Lives vs Cancer, the Children’s Cancer and Leukaemia Group, the Ellen MacArthur Cancer Trust and Teenage Cancer Trust. Together, they’ll launch research to better understand the needs of children and families affected by cancer and inform a coordinated strategic response by these partners.

Young people will work directly with the team to inform the research. Explored will be the needs and inequalities in support services.

To stay up-to-date, we’d recommend signing up to Dartington’s awesome newsletter:

onHand - ‘the uber for volunteering and sustainability’

Impact That Matters

Your all-in-one tool to engage employees in local volunteering and climate action

The onHand platform helps engage employees in local volunteering and climate action.  It was set up in collaboration with eight major UK charities. Having recently announced a pre-series A funding round of £4m to accelerate growth and product expansion, we expect onHand to be one to watch in 2023. The company has been backed by the likes of music discovery giant Shazam.

How does the app work? Just as you’d order a meal from Deliveroo, employees can join purpose-driven missions at the click of a button. It makes volunteering easy and accessible. Youth mentoring, phone calls to the lonely or actions to help reduce your carbon footprint are a few activities you might take part in.

For this reason, the company has branded itself ‘the impact app’. We love this short, snappy and impactful phrase!

The core focus of the onHand platform is to make social impact and sustainability initiatives easy for employees to participate in. It is used by some of the UK’s biggest organisations.

CEO, Sanjay Lobo (MBE), said: “Whilst most companies have some form of volunteering or a social good program, typically engagement is really low. We solve that by making doing good bite-size, on-demand and based on your exact location with off-the-charts employee engagement results. That’s because the world wants to do good: we’ve just made it so much easier. This raise lets us help businesses everywhere deliver incredible impact.”

Sophia for Schools - Teaching through Tech

Sophia for Schools allows educators to upskill in a new way. A unique cloud-based Professional Learning Experience Platform (LXP), the app streamlines learning for the educational community.

Simply create a profile for your school and employees, pay as-you-go, and get access to high-quality training services, anytime and anywhere.

In fact, Sophia proudly launched in Zambia in January 2023.

Given its affordable and accessible take on upskilling, it opens up the African market to a whole new era of education. According to UNICEF, Zamvia has achieved near universal primary school completion levels. There are, however, regional disparities and girls continue to be at a disadvantage. The quality of education also requires improvement.

Moti, through Sophia for Schools, is working with the Ministry of General Education to address these issues and it’s, without a doubt, a purpose-driven startup to keep an eye on this year!

We’d love to hear who you’ll be keeping an eye on.


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