Year in review: Some of the best social good campaigns of 2023

As businesses become more conscious of the need for strong corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives, many companies are upping their game when it comes to campaigns and activities that promote social good. In 2023, businesses both big and small launched creative campaigns to tackle major social issues and promote positive change.

It’s no longer just a bonus if a company does good for the earth and humanity through their business—it’s a prerequisite for success. Consumers are demanding more than ever from the organisations they support, so businesses need to make social good a priority if they hope to maintain a competitive edge.

Here are just three of the best social good campaigns of 2023:

1. Dove’s #DetoxYourFeed

As part of its Self-Esteem Project, Dove launched a new campaign called #DetoxYourFeed to help girls and young women avoid toxic beauty advice on social media and build up their own sense of self-worth. Created with the help of self-esteem expert Dr. Phillippa Diedrichs, the campaign provided guides and resources for parents and young people to help them combat the negative mental health impacts of social media. The campaign was impactful because it included an expert perspective and concrete statistics, and it also played into the very timely issue of the negative impacts social media has on young people today.

2. Nike’s No Pride, No Sport

As part of its commitment to creating a positive culture for LGBTQIA+ in sports, Nike launched its No Pride, No Sport campaign. Through “community grants, athlete partnerships, impactful storytelling and products that celebrate the full spectrum of LGBTQIA+ expression,” Nike is helping to pave the way for a new generation of athletes. The campaign offers resources and a set of guiding principles so we can all create a safe space for LGBTQIA+ athletes, including advocacy, awareness, empathy and integrity.

3. NatWest’s Love Business, Hate Fraud

With fraud being the most common crime in the UK today, retail banking company NatWest’s Love Business, Hate Fraud campaign is on a mission to help people and small businesses avoid getting scammed out of their hard-earned cash. Launched by the company’s Fraud Advisory Panel, the campaign seeks to raise awareness about the signs of fraud and cybercrime through regular fraud awareness sessions, as well as resources like articles, case studies and webinars. Again, this campaign taps into a timely and critical issue facing small businesses today, offering education and resources to help solve the problem.

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