Innovation in education: central London’s first University Technical collegeProject Management

FFP Framework
Our organisation worked with a London-based charity to help them define the operating model for a new school in central London and bid for funding from the UK government. This was an ambitious project for a new university technical college (UTC) placing advanced technical education at the core of the education system.


Advanced technical education is at the forefront of educational reform in the United Kingdom. Across the UK, universities, employers and other local stakeholders are working together to create schools, which will create the engineers and technologists of the future. Our consultancy was invited by a charity in London to help it define the educational model for a new construction and engineering university technical college, the first of its kind in this European capital.  Our team was also responsible for the completion of a funding bid for the receipt of government funds to launch and run the school.


Using the latest thinking on effective project management and stakeholder engagement, our team brought together a multi-disciplinary team of

  • rail engineers
  • university professors
  • local government leaders and
  • potential funders

to create the vision for the school and describe its proposed operation. Our team managed the development of the curriculum and the bid which was submitted to the UK Department of Education for approval in 2013.


The bid was assessed by the UK Department of Education as a very credible and investment worthwhile proposition which led to the award of the funding requested by the school.  The construction of the school has now started and this university technical college is scheduled to open its doors to the first students in September 2017.

  • Funding Goal
  • Achieving funding with ROI (ή)