Workplace transformation: transforming workplace life for 2500 government employeesChange Management

Our client, a government organisation in central London wanted to transform the way its employees worked and felt about their work, through transforming their workplace. For the first time in its history, it wanted to bring together more than 2000 employees from more than 15 offices into one building and introduce workplace efficiencies through desk sharing, flexible computing and telephony and flexible working. Our company was asked to provide project and change management services, helping this organisation to implement one of its most ambitious and risky projects in its life.


Delivering change successfully is not a bi-product of a tried and tested recipe, but the outcome of a process that starts with detailed insight on the behaviors that need changing and ends with the embedding of new behaviors across the organisation.


Our project managers worked for the 2 years on-site, delivering the below critical interventions as part of our client solution:

  • Completion of the project’s “case for change” demonstrating the high expense of low office productivity, silo working, high paper storage and unused physical space
  • Engagement of employees through a combination of insight activities (focus groups, online collaboration, surveys) and real-time testing of changes prior to the relocation
  • Completion of the change specification bringing together technology, premises, facilities and people in one common, detailed deliverable
  • Leadership of a project mobilisation team with clear accountability lines across the project’s workstreams
  • Training through e-solutions of 2500 employees in topics including remote management of employees and use of new technology
  • Management of the change process through a day by day change calendar accessible to all affected employees.


Through more than two years of employee engagement, piloting of changes and robust client management of the whole construction process, our team delivered the relocation of 2500 employees on time and exceeded the qualitative targets set for staff satisfaction and workplace productivity. In the last 5 years since the full implementation of this project, our client remains one of the very few organisations where new ways of working introduced have been embedded into the DNA of the organisation.